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VMware Storage Solutions

VMware Storage Solutions for your virtualised infrastructure

The VMware Storage solutions we supply are certified by VMware to run on ESXi, all our storage solutions are available with single or dual RAID controllers and support SAS-III / SATA-III or SSD disk drives.  We are able to install and maintain all our VMware Storage solutions and can even advise on your virtualised infrastructure and requirements.VMware Storage Solutions for ESXi 5.x

Virtualised Servers

By adopting VMware you are consolidating your current server environment to maximise the benefits that multi-core processors provide and reduce server sprawl and at the same time save energy.  The type of VMware storage solutions we provide is aimed at companies both large and small with different budgets and requirements.

VMware Storage Types

The type of VMware storage we provide is available in the following configurations:

  • Host connection – Fibre Channel, iSCSI, Network Attached Storage, Unified
  • Single or Dual redundant hot swap controllers, fans, PSU, drives
  • 2U 8 bays to 4U 64 + bays with expansion
  • 8Gb/s – 16Gb/s FC, 1GbE or 10GbE iSCSI
  • Support SAS-III, SATA-III, SSD

The VMware storage we provide can be used for tier 1, tier 2 or act as a backup for DR purposes.

Virtualisation is a method of providing virtual machines that are created from a single powerful server containing many processors, memory and network interface cards. Resources can then be allocated on-the-fly to create virtual machines running operating systems. The virtual machines provide many business benefits simplify your IT infrastructure, utilise the processing power available, saving energy, rack space, server consolidation, business continuity, disaster recovery, operational management and the flexibility to deploy systems and resources when and where required.

Over 90% of the disk storage solutions we provide are VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix approved.  We can help you decide which VMware Storage solution is best suited to your environment and provide a full quotation with various options that you need to ensure that your VMware infrastructure runs without a hitch.

If you want a completely integrated and certified VMware solution out of the box click here.