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Fujitsu vShape

Fujitsu vShape PRIMEFLEX Virtualisation Solution out of the box

The Fujitsu vShape PRIMEFLEX virtualisation solution has been designed from the outset to be a simple and easy process to implement.  Fujitsu vShape provides a complete virtualisation solution installed and running in a couple of days out of the box which is tested and configured at the Fujitsu factory.

Fujitsu vShape includes several reference architectures for virtualisation. vShape enables a standardised approach in project business covering all the relevant aspects of virtualisation and Private Cloud such as performance, availability, security, flexibility and efficiency. Each reference architecture is validated and comes along with an implementation guide as well as sizing information.

Fujitsu vShape Virtualisation Solution

Fujitsu vShape offers complete enterprise-class IT infrastructures

vShape gives customers a completely virtualized IT infrastructure that enables them to meet nearly any challenge they may face in IT today. The solution makes environment consolidation and migration to the cloud much easier. New services are also available within minutes. For example, the deployment of collaboration software and virtual desktop infrastructures can improve mobile workforces and cooperation throughout an enterprise in virtual teams. And when it comes to the operation of mission-critical applications such as ERP or CRM, vShape delivers top performance, first-class high availability and security thanks to its PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS DX storage systems.

Easy scalability means high flexibility for IT operations

Fujitsu vShape is based on a modular concept that is easily adapted to meet the requirements of each customer. Built-in flexibility allows industry- and application-agnostic deployment. The PRIMERGY rack servers, ETERNUS DX or NetApp FAS storage systems and Brocade switches offer high levels of flexibility. Performance and capacity can be quickly scaled to satisfy specific customer requirements at low cost.

Fujitsu vShape Technologies

Industry-standard in all areas

vShape provides a fully integrated solution with industry-proven, high-quality server, storage, network, and hypervisor products – in other words, a solution that is perfectly tailored to the extreme requirements of virtualisation and easy to operate using the management functionalities of the virtualisation software. In addition, the open interfaces of vShape permit a quick and easy integration of existing management tools.

Take off with virtualization now

How much performance and capacity is needed? Which combination of components is best? And what happens if the virtualisation platform reaches its limits earlier than expected? Fujitsu can respond to these and other questions with vShape – and you can be sure that you have an optimal, hassle-free solution for your project. Without any delay! This is possible thanks to the vShape reference architectures.

Business benefits

Under normal circumstances each component used in your virtual infrastructure requires individual support and maintenance contracts, should it go wrong you will need to make “x” calls to these separate companies.  Fujitsu vShape removes the hassle of support and maintenance by providing a single maintenance/support contract and one phone number to call should it go wrong.  As vShape is approved tested and certified out of the box Fujitsu handles all the support.  If you need more VMware licenses, disk space, server I/O or network port the vShape solution can grow as the business needs dictate.

Deployment times are significantly reduced to days and not weeks or months.  Purchasing the system is a single purchase order and no configuration is necessary as the price includes 2 day professional services, enabling you to focus on other projects.

5 things to consider when choosing virtualisation, cloud, and how Fujitsu vShape can help

  1. Invest with a long-term view: Analyst estimates suggest that for Large Enterprises (LEs) data grows at 60% a year and up to 180% for SMEs. Fujitsu vShape solves this problem by providing converged implementations based on highly scalable and modular reference architectures. These satisfy future capacity requirements without limiting performance or functionality.
  2. Implement virtualisation and cloud infrastructures efficiently: With clear management and consolidation benefits, virtualisation and cloud are a commonplace IT reality; the benefits can be seen immediately, and new services are available within minutes. vShape supports the consolidation of IT, which means you need less hardware and can use what you have more efficiently, reducing operational costs and efforts. With scalable architectures tailored to application requirements, the purchase cost, deployment time and provisioning time are all lowered.
  3. Take a holistic approach to virtualisation and cloud: When implementing virtual or cloud environments storage performance is key, as are data availability and security. vShape provides convincing solutions for various workloads and is based on servers and storage systems with highest performance, as well as first-class high availability and security features. vShape is a dynamic infrastructure concept supporting various network deployments including Fibre Channel, Ethernet and converged implementations.
  4. Avoid vendor lock-in: Many IT stacks contain non-standard components, which automatically lead to vendor lock-in. vShape uses standard technologies, which can easily be implemented into any IT environment – without lock-in. This removes the risk, lowers deployment and implementation costs (dedicated training courses are not necessary), and increases investment protection.
  5. One single point of contact for the complete solution: A comprehensive IT environment includes many components which need to be synchronized. These are often provided by many suppliers – each one with different contact persons and processes. This leads to huge manual effort. Fujitsu vShape reference architectures remove the headaches of self-configuration, and guarantee a tested and perfectly synchronized combination of reliable components. With vShape, we combin best-of-breed technologies from Fujitsu, and partners, with the advantages of just one contact person for the whole infrastructure stack. You can trust a simple and fast process combined with easy, risk-free handling; allowing you to spend less time on IT, and more time focusing on your core business.

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