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PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO:RAIL – Fast Track Your VMware Infrastructure

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO:RAIL, leveraging solid configurations of servers, network, storage and virtualization software as platforms has become standard today. Various set-ups, such as virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), private cloud computing and server-virtualization, use these platforms built from single components. However, users often complain about the slow implementation of additional computing and storage capacities in response to growing needs. This is also coupled with functionality issues and costs that are higher than anticipated — that’s without taking into account the installation and lifecycle management of the individual components. In order to overcome these challenges Fujitsu – together with VMware – are using their experience to generate an entire ready-to-run solution that comes as one unit and covers all the hardware, software and service components required as a uniform virtualization platform: PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO:RAIL.

PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO:RAIL is built according to Fujitsu’s proven and quality assured processes to set up entirely pre-configured and preinstalled solutions. Once some minor on-site preparations have been completed, the hyper-converged IT infrastructure can be used productively within 15 minutes after it is powered on for the first time. Fujitsu acts as a single-point-of-contact for all the hardware and software services. PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO:RAIL is based on Fujitsu x86 servers which have been at the top of the VMware VMmark benchmark categories for years. Thanks to Fujitsu Cool-safe® advanced thermal design, additional cooling costs can be saved on top of the comparably low energy consumption. Additionally a broad set of services is optionally available. These services start with consulting, migration, various operational services and are complemented by manifold cloud services.


PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO:RAIL – Your benefits:

  • Trusted foundation based on proven technology
  • Infrastructure at the speed of business
  • Easy to obtain & single-point-of-contact
  • Ready-to-work in minutes
  • Simplified design with predictable sizing and scaling


PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO:RAIL – Datasheet

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