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PRIMEFLEX for Cloud from Fujitsu – Faster, Simpler Cloud Adoption

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Cloud enables improved operation quality and reduces administrator loads over the entire life cycle of the ICT system, including installation, operation and maintenance.

Installation: Complete system delivery, which integrates basic design, construction, and setup
Operation: Expert virtualization and maintenance based on intuitive interfaces and the latest functionality
Maintenance: One-stop support for stable system operation

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for CloudWith ready-to-run systems, PRIMEFLEX for Cloud reduces complexity and risk, enables faster deployment, and simplifies operations and maintenance.

PRIMEFLEX for Cloud – Your benefits

  • Factory integration and the integrated deployment service reduces implementation risk and offers fast time to production.
  • Customers can easily choose from a variety of proven systems, depending on the number of physical and virtual systems, network topology and range of other performance requirements.
  • Integrated management functions cover the overall system infrastructure, including servers, storage, network, and virtual and physical environments to reduce IT management workloads.
  • Fujitsu support center professional engineers can guide customers through different scenarios regarding hardware/software issues with PRIMEFLEX for Cloud, and provide around-the-clock service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PRIMEFLEX for Cloud – Why Fujitsu?

  • Fujitsu is a one of the most experienced and largest providers of IT equipment in the Asian market.
  • PRIMEFLEX for Cloud is an integral part of the Fujitsu Cloud Ecosystem and therefore supports a multi-cloud (public and private) customer approach.
  • Fujitsu is one of the largest IT services companies globally with a 30-plus year track record in delivering IT services. We understand the challenges of delivering faultless IT service.
  • Fujitsu has the most complete end-to-end cloud portfolio in the marketplace — covering trusted public, private and hybrid cloud options — and we are constantly evolving to meet ongoing requirements.

Business environments are experiencing change at an unprecedented pace, so ICT platforms must be agile to respond to the pressures of globalization, escalating competition, and ever-shifting customer requirements. The best way for IT to meet the demands of such explosive change is introducing virtualization or implementing a private cloud platform. Fujitsu has the systems and service experience to streamline the process of installing and maintaining these platforms.

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for cloud is a vertically-integrated platform that packages all elements required for design, configuration, and operation of virtualization and private cloud platforms.

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