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VERITAS Backup and Recovery Software

VERITAS software formerly Symantec and originally called VERITAS Software, for over 20 years they have managed the backup and recovery of global companies.  VERITAS provide complete backup and data protection software and appliances that help maintain data security and protection.

VERITAS Software


Virtualisation, cloud, and convergence made simple

With its vast array of hardware, operating system, virtualisation, database, application, and storage-related technologies, the modern data centre is a complicated place. That’s why NetBackup has long been the trusted choice for enterprises seeking to reduce that complexity and make data protection as manageable as possible for their limited staff. NetBackup is a single solution for the entire enterprise, available on a converged platform, and instrumented to require minimal administration in even the largest, most dynamic environments.

  • Eliminate point products with a single, integrated solution
  • Modernize with a converged backup platform
  • Improve productivity through centralized, policy-based management

VERITAS NetBackup Appliances

Used by tens of thousands of organizations, Veritas NetBackup simplifies and strengthens data protection throughout the enterprise. NetBackup Appliances combine turnkey backup and recovery with deduplication solutions in an easy-to-deploy form factor, providing flexibility and cost savings.VERITAS NetBackup Appliances

  • NetBackup 5200 series: A versatile, cost-optimized, integrated backup appliance that can be deployed for a NetBackup domain as a master server, media server, or both. In addition, it supports expanded storage capacity for deduplicated and non-deduplicated data.
  • NetBackup 5300 series: A performance-optimized, integrated backup media server with high-density storage to support greater performance, capacity, and resiliency in the enterprise.

VERITAS Backup Exec

VERITAS Backup Exec has long been the market leader in the backup software market.  Complex infrastructures and the changing needs of IT require flexible and dynamic solutions that are not just built to last, but also built to change.

Isn’t it time for a backup and recovery solution that adapts to your environment, and that works with your budget? Then it’s time to take a look at VERITAS Backup Exec 15—backup and recovery that is built for change and provides the flexibility to protect your entire environment while also delivering agile recovery.

  • Single solution for virtual and physical systems
  • Hybrid architectures to disk, tape, and cloud
  • Powerful, flexible, and easy to use

Enterprise Vault & Enterprise Vault Cloud

Automate long term storage of information relevant to your organisation

Simplify and reduce the cost of information retention management and discovery with VERITAS archiving solutions — Enterprise Vault and Enterprise Through highly customizable policies, scan applications and automatically migrate information to an archive to support regulatory, compliance or legal business requirements.

Archiving provides significant storage predictability, helping organizations keep applications at predictable storage levels, by reclaiming primary storage on-premises or by leveraging unlimited storage in a cloud archiving service.

VERITAS archiving solutions feature:

InfoScale Availability

InfoScale Availability provides high availability and disaster recovery over any distance for your critical business services, including individual databases, custom applications, and complex multitier applications across physical and virtual environments.

Intelligent monitoring for applications and infrastructure detects possible risks to availability and automatically recovers applications when needed. InfoScale automatically detects site outages and either automatically or at your command will recover to a disaster recovery site. With built-in testing to pro-actively detect and report potential problems before they have an impact on IT services, InfoScale Availability helps minimize unwanted downtime of your critical business services.

If you would like to know more about the VERITAS solutions we provide please complete the form below or call us on 01256 331614.

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