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Kaminario – All Flash Storage

Kaminario – All Flash Storage Array Designed For Performance

Kaminario, the leading all-flash storage company, is redefining the future of modern data centres. Its unique solution enables organizations to succeed in today’s on-demand world and prepares them to seamlessly handle tomorrow’s innovations. Only the K2 all-flash array delivers the agility, scalability, performance and economics a data center requires to deal with today’s cloud-first, dynamic world and provide real-time data access — anywhere, any-time. Hundreds of customers rely on Kaminario K2 to power their mission critical applications and safeguard their digital ecosystem.Kaminario

Storage solutions that grow up, out, and forward just like your business. 5th generation platform with unique set of technology benefits enabled by years of R&D and 20+ patents.

Kaminario transforms technology-driven businesses by simplifying data processing with optimized all-flash, enterprise storage. Redefining standards for scalability, ease of use, and cost efficiency, the K2 all-flash array is the high-performance backbone of the modern enterprise. Leveraging the economics of commodity hardware with a highly efficient, software-defined architecture, the K2 delivers the performance benefits of flash at a disruptive price point below that of disk or hybrid storage.

Kaminario leverages the potential of all-flash storage to deliver consistently high performance and scalability without compromising cost-efficiency and control. Imagine getting the scalability and agility of cloud storage with predictable costs and on-premise control.  IT organizations need scalability and agility with highly predictable performance and economics over time . Build a datacenter infrastructure strategy that positions your business to successfully handle whatever comes next for your business.

Kaminario’s K2 all-flash array leverage’s a unique software-defined architecture that delivers predictable performance, scalability and cost-efficiency—highly valued predictability for the unpredictable world of the modern datacentre.

Kaminario is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, with offices in Israel, London, and New York City.


As a fully fledged Kaminario partner please call us on 0207 193 5760 or email us.

Kaminario K2 Flash Storage