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The Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations offer a sophisticated combination of leading-edge processor and graphics performance to increase application efficiency. These high-quality, modular products in multiple form factors are configurable for your organisation’s precise needs. Thanks to comprehensive ISV certification, you’ll enjoy smooth and trouble-free operation of all your applications. Best-in-class noise emissions help maximise productivity by contributing to a quieter working environment.

Fujitsu CELSIUS Workstations


If you need maximum processor and graphics performance, plus expandability, Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations are designed for you.

Fujitsu CELSIUS R930 Workstation

Fujitsu CELSIUS R930

Fujitsu's most performing workstation the CELSIUS R930 is designed to surpass all your expectations. This high-end dual processor workstation is individually configurable for the most power hungry 24/7 operating environments. Incorporating latest NVIDIA GRID™ graphics virtualization cards or Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor cards, the CELSIUS R930 is well prepared for workstation virtualization and High Performance Computing. Comprehensive ISV certifications ensure smooth application operation.
Fujitsu CELSIUS R930 datasheet


If you have challenging graphics- and processor performance requirements, choose Fujitsu Advanced CELSIUS workstations. They offer mobile and stationary form factors, and are individually configurable to optimize your working efficiency.

Fujitsu CELSIUS M730

Fujitsu CELSIUS M730 WorkstationIf you're looking for reliable performance when using demanding applications, the CELSIUS M730 single-processor workstation meets your needs. It can be individually configured, helping you to enhance your productivity. It features best-in-class noise emissions of only 20 dB for a quiet and efficient working environment. Comprehensive ISV certifications ensure your applications run smoothly. Finally, the convenient cold plug access at front simplifies subsequent expansion.

Fujitsu CELSIUS M730 datasheet

Fujitsu CELSIUS H730 - Notebook

If you're a mobile worker looking for a workstation and enhanced productivity, Fujitsu's CELSIUS H730 with an attractive slim design is the ideal device. This 39.6 cm (15.6-inch) mobile workstation with comprehensive ISV certifications combines powerful performance with multiple connectivity options. The modular bay provides individual expandability. Comprehensive protection against security threats like an optional palm vein sensor complete a reliable package.

Fujitsu CELSIUS H730 datasheet

Fujitsu C620 - Rackmount

If you need maximum workstation performance out of the datacenter, Fujitsu’s compact CELSIUS C620 is your choice. The 1U rack-mount workstation sophisticatedly combines high-end graphics and single processor performance at highest density. Thus it is the ideal system for all users of CAx, DCC, Visualization or HPC applications, having only limited space. Full security is ensured by keeping the high-quality CELSIUS C620 in the datacenter.

Fujitsu CELSIUS C620 datasheet


The Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations in the all-round portfolio are versatile systems for price-conscious users.

Fujitsu CELSIUS W530

Fujitsu CELSIUS W530 Workstation
If you need a powerful entry-level workstation, Fujitsu's CELSIUS W530 is the ideal choice. The FUJITSU CELSIUS W530 workstation gives you the graphics capabilities and performance you need for entry-level 3D/CAD or DCC applications. Comprehensive ISV certifications ensure your professional applications run smoothly. Your workplace is silent and user-friendly thanks to best-in-class noise emissions. Plus, this compact workstation is individually configurable and allows easy tool-less expansion for greater working flexibility.

Fujitsu CELSIUS W530 datasheet

Fujitsu CELSIUS W520 - Long life cycle

If you need a powerful entry-level workstation, Fujitsu's CELSIUS W520 Long Lifecycle is the ideal choice. Comprehensive ISV certifications ensure your professional applications run smoothly. Your workplace is silent and user-friendly thanks to best-in-class noise emissions. Plus, the cold plug access at the front of the workstation lets you expand your storage capacity or change drives for enhanced working flexibility. It also supports your Long-term projects with stable functions and extended product availability.

Fujitsu CELSIUS W520 datasheet

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