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Unifosa EN-3166JS6T-SQX Unified Storage Solution

Taipei Nov. 1st , 2013
UNIFOSA CORP. presents the high-performance network shared storage, EN-3166JS6T-SQX , for video related applications. It’s a fully-featured storage with complete data protection to provide enough bandwidth to support full HD and non-interlaced 2K video streams. EN-3166JS6T-SQX offers the smooth and sustainable performance needed for high-resolution post production and VFX workflows. It allows real-time playback of complex visual effect compositions and reach high track counts in editing.


“The high performance of EN-3166JS6T-SQX allows users to perfectly deal with a wide range of video formats, from 1080p HD to 2K.” said Tony Chang, PM Director at UNIFOSA Corp., “EN-3166JS6T-SQX delivers sustained throughput over 900MB/s for write and 800MB/s for read via block level I/O access, and for file level I/O access, it reaches up to 800MB/s for read generally. Our testing indicated that the EN-3166JS6T-SQX is a high-performance shared storage suitable for video editing applications.”

EN-3166JS6T-SQX is also highly scalable for storage capacity and host interfaces. With SAS JBODs, it can support up to 112 drives, up to 448TB, and users can just add on JBOD for capacity expansion when needed. It’s a solution consolidating NAS, SAN and iSCSI into one chassis which provides both file level and block level I/O access. There are 10Gb/s NICs can be added on to enhance system performance. Installing Fibre HBA on NAS can have NAS connecting to Fibre SAN, so it can be deployed easily in any IT environment since it supports multiple interfaces for host servers and clients.

The EN-3166JS6T-SQX has built-in hardware RAID engine to offer fault tolerance and data protection as RAID level 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60 mode. Drives can be set as hot spare, have automatically hot rebuild and online capacity expansion within the enclosure. EN-3166JS6T-SQX has fully-featured backup solutions including manual or scheduled backup for file, folder, and shares, and it can be backup and restore from multiple local or remote devices. Besides, there are volume clone, snapshot, remote replication, data copy , and encryption for options, which are all designed to secure your most valuable digital assets.

Key Features:

  • Compact 3U rackmount chassis supports up to 16 2.5”/3.5” SASII/SATAIII drives
  • Flexible capacity scaling (Expandable up to 448TB)
  • High-performance and multiple host interfaces: 10Gb/s NICs or 8Gb/s FC
  • 3 nodes High Availability Cluster: Offering up to 3 nodes active/active high-availability service for storage which ensures no service down time when any NAS server failed.
  • Thin Provisioning: All volumes can be configured with thin provisioning to optimize storage capacity and further reduce cost.
  • Data backup and remote real-time replication: Complete backup solution, including full, differential, and incremental two-way backup via attached storage (USB/eSATA/iSCSI/RDX), or to remote share, Rsync server, cloud storage and remote real-time replication.

App support: User can monitor storage system remotely through App, both Android and Apple, on mobile devices.