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G-Technology G-RACK 12 48TB 128GB RAM 4x10GbE NIC EMEA

G-Technology G-RACK 12 48TB 12-bay NAS Shared Storage Solution – 0G05179

G-RACK 12 Network-Attached Storage (NAS) delivers the ultimate in high-performance, centralized storage for small-to-medium size post-production houses, TV/broadcast studios, ad agencies and in-house creative departments that use Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X or Avid Media Composer, and other creative applications.

G-RACK 12 is designed to work as a high-capacity storage resource for popular Media Asset Management (MAM) / Digital Asset Management (DAM) applications running on Windows® or Mac OS® servers. G-RACK 12 becomes an available storage resource via multiple network protocols including SMB, NFS, AFP, as well as utilizing iSCSI if needed. Pairing MAM/DAM applications with G-RACK storage delivers a high-performance asset management solution.

G-Technology G-Rack 12 front imageG-Technology G-Rack 12 rear image

G-RACK 12 brings G-Technology’s reliability, scalability, and studio friendly technology to centralized storage. Streamline demanding media and entertainment workflows of 4K and above with a flexible 12-Bay
server offering up to 120TB; an optional Expansion Chassis for adding up to another 120TB of storage; integration with popular non-linear editing (NLE) suites; and the latest BTRfs file system for better data management.

G-RACK is built with 12x enterprise-class HGST hard drives, dual Intel Xeon E5 six-core CPUs, 128GB RAM, dual-1TB mirrored boot SSDs and dual PSUs. It delivers 2000MB/s transfer rate and includes 4x 10Gbe ports for connection to next generation high-speed networks.

G-RACK 12 is the only centralised storage platform that combines:

  • High-performance Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Scalable 12-Bay server from 48TB to 120TB raw capacity per chassis.
  • Ultra-reliable Enterprise-Class HGST Ultrastar hard drives
  • iSCSI support Seamless integration with top nonlinear editing suites
  • Advanced BTRfs file system for reliable data protection
  • Optional 48TB, 72TB, 96TB, or 120TB Expansion Chassis
  • G-Technology developed NAS operating system with easy graphic user interface
  • Industry-leading 5-Year limited warranty

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