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iSCSI Storage

How Block Level iSCSI Storage Works

Networking topology iSCSI Storage provides storage directly to the host over a 1 gigabit or 10 gigabit Ethernet network.  The iSCSI storage we provide is based on 1GbE or 10GbE and the controllers within the storage can provide “active-active” resiliency against controller failure.  iSCSI is a networking protocol that combines SCSI data blocks within Ethernet IP packets.  SCSI commands are encoded into Ethernet packets and then sent over Ethernet networks.  When they reach their destination these packets are separated out into Ethernet and SCSI commands and the data is then sent to the relevant device.

iSCSI Storage layers

As iSCSI uses existing Ethernet switches, cables, routers the deployment costs are much lower than if you were to design a Fibre Channel SAN.  Operating systems see iSCSI-connected devices as SCSI devices and are unaware that the SCSI device connected to the network resides across the room or across town.

  • iSCSI is based on existing industry standards, practises, and applications that are known and understood by users
  • iSCSI is a network storage protocol that encompasses block level SCSI data in a TCP/IP frame, thus allowing servers to access iSCSI storage resources over an existing IP infrastructure
  • iSCSI is a cost effective way to build SAN’s at much lower cost point, giving users greater consolidation in their environment
  • The iSCSI protocol is supported by 99% of the major storage vendors and endorsed by Microsoft, IBM and Cisco, therefore, it is an industry standard
  • iSCSI is an OPEN architecture that enables an optimised and cost effective TCO to be achieved and your TCO is protected for the future

iSCSI usesIP Storage

Our iSCSI storage provides a simple and convenient way to add storage to systems in a number of ways.

  • Perfect for virtualisation requirements, the iSCSI Storage is certified to work with VMware, Hyper-V & Citrix
  • Add local disk space to servers or workstations
  • Provide iSCSI high capacity/performance storage to blade servers
  • Use iSCSI for CCTV or media production

iSCSI Storage range

Our extensive iSCSI storage range starts from a simple 2 drive desktop NAS, rising to a multi bay iSCSI RAID.  Whatever your iSCSI storage requirements please call us and we are sure we have a solution for your application.