Object Storage Solutions

The Next Generation of Storage

We provide object storage from a choice of manufacturers to store data locally, remotely or the cloud.

Object storage is a method for storing millions of files and petabytes of data on storage nodes using a global namespace and file system. It is vastly more scalable than traditional file or block storage.

It is estimated within the next 7 years 80% of the worlds data will be stored on object storage.

object storage solutions

Need additional disk capacity, just add another storage node. All object data is automatically distributed across the nodes, you can create object replicas or shard data (see below) across the nodes to aid recovery and increase performance.

Provides up to 75% cost savings compared to primary NAS filers whilst providing 100% business continuity.

How does object storage work?

Object storage requires 3 things to work.

  1. The data and this could be anything
  2. Metadata provides a customisable table and index of the object being stored
  3. A globally unique identifier assigned to every object

Object storage uses metadata to manage the millions/billions of objects it contains.  Metadata is created by the administrator of the object store and it contains information relating to each type of object it is storing e.g. a photo, metadata information.

If you would like to know more about the object storage solutions we provide please complete the form below or call us on 01256 331614.

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