Endpoint Data Protection

Endpoint Data Protection - Protects Business Data from Malicious Attacks or Theft

We provide Endpoint Data Protection Software to securely backup your desktop or notebook computer to local storage or the cloud.

Endpoint Data Protection discretely protects your valuable business data from being copied, stolen or destroyed using advanced software to Backup & Recover information, prevent Data Loss, deliver Corporate Governance & Compliance, and aid Device Refresh & Migration all from a single, scalable solution that is managed from a single GUI protecting the entire enterprise.

As disk sizes increase on notebooks and desktop computers the ease for storing more data locally increases.  It is all too easy to store family photos, music or videos on a business computer for convenience.  A business might be taking regular backups of these files and folders and then storing the data at head office or the cloud.  This is where a reliable and proven Endpoint Data Protection software provides an invaluable solution when backing up business data.

Endpoint Data Protection Software

More than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred every day since the beginning of 2016.

Source: Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS)

One in five small and medium-sized business who paid the ransom never got their data back.

Source: Kaspersky

Protecting Business Data

Business data may be in many forms from a Excel spreadsheet through to an engineering drawing or legal document.  This type of data belongs to the business and should be adequately protected to stop the information being stolen, copied or infected with ransomware.

Endpoint Data Protection Solution

We provide a world leading endpoint data protection software that completely protects your business computers and is used by these companies daily.

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