Avid Shared Storage

Avid Storage Affordable Alternative

The Avid shared storage consists of Avid Nexis, ISIS 5500, Avid Nexis Pro & ISIS 7500 details of which can be found here. We provide an affordable alternative that is a software-defined storage solution that turns any Windows Server-based NAS to Avid compatible shared storage.

AVID Shared Storage

The software-defined storage architecture of our compatible Avid Shared Storage allows customers to select components required for their current workflows, and expand storage capacity and bandwidth later as their business grows.

The shared storage provides access to multiple Avid systems that can be accessed by one and the same Avid project simultaneously, with support for native Avid bin locking and project sharing.

Our compatible Avid Shared Storage is licensed per NAS server; it supports as many clients as will fit the storage size and network bandwidth for accessing the files.

Unlimited clients allow you to connect to the shared storage and utilise the benefits of our compatible Avid Storage.  Alternatively, if you have 3 users and do not need the full blown product license, you are able to use the software on a per seat basis allowing you to upgrade at a later date.

Shared Storage Features

Depending on the type of storage you require we can customise the solution to meet your requirements and performance criteria based on CPU, memory, network and storage.  The system can be customised as follows:

  • Multiple 1GbE, 10GpE or 25GbE ports to provide maximum throughput
  • Multiple 12Gb/s drive bays from 12 - 240+
  • Supported drives NearLine SAS/SATA / 15k/10k SAS / SSD
  • Support highest capacity drives in both SSD and hard disk
  • Multiple CPU support with up to 3TB memory


  • Native Avid Media Composer integration
  • Unlimited clients — no per-client fee
  • Shared project support
  • True bin locking support
  • Server based on Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2016 / Windows Server 2019
  • Clients for Mac and Windows platform

Installation & Configuration

We provide a complete on-site installation and design service to support the solution we provide.

If you would like to know more about the Avid Shared Storage solution we provide, please complete the form below or call us on 01256 331614:

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