Digital Media Storage

Digital Media Storage for Storing Digital Media & Assets

Digital Media Storage covers a broad industry sector from recording the raw footage to Post Production which finally produces a film, advert, documentary etc. The demand to provide very high-quality footage in the following formats 4K, 8K, 1080p, 360 and 3D all put a huge strain on the available storage resources through capacity, performance and resilience. Creating a 3D movie requires 2.5 times the disk storage that a conventional 2D movie needs.

Digital Media Storage
The digital media storage we provide is based on:

  • All Flash or Hybrid Storage
    • NVMe, SSD, HDD
    • Fibre Channel
    • iSCSI
  • RAID - Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS, NAS, Unified
    • 4 bays through to 64 bay + expansion
    • SAS / SATA / SSD
    • 1TB - 14TB drive support
  • Object Storage
    • Infinitely scalable storage
    • Scale for performance and capacity
  • TAPE - LTO
    • LTO all versions
    • LTFS - Linear Tape File System
    • Drives / Autoloaders / Libraries
  • OPTICAL - Blu-ray
    • Standalone drives
    • Jukeboxes
    • Network Attached Storage
  • JBOD - Just a bunch of disks
    • 12 bay - 84 bay SAS/SATA, HDD, SSD support

Many of the systems are being deployed as primary, play out, tier 2 or backup storage for Avid, Final Cut Pro etc. The Digital Media Storage can be rack mounted starting from a simple 4 bay through to a 64+ bay RAID/MAID solution supporting up to 14TB disk drives.  The RAID based Digital Media Storage can also provide redundant controller, drives, fans & PSU.

Compatible Avid Shared Storage

We are now able to provide fully compatible Avid Shared Storage click here for details.

Digital Media Storage for Archiving

A number of companies keep their data on hard disks, firstly this is not an archive medium, secondly, it's prone to damage.  Storing data in the cloud a good solution albeit expensive and costs can soon escalate.  The mainstay of the film industry is to store archive footage on LTO tapes which now with LTO-8 hold 12TB natively.  This is great but every few years you need to upgrade to the LTO format only allows reads up to 2 previous generations of LTO tape.

For more information on our Digital Storage Media Solutions, we provide please call us on 01256 331614.

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