Desktop Virtualization - VDI

Virtualization - A specialist skill in getting it right

Desktop Virtualization and the virtualization of the data centre can be complex to implement effectively as getting it right requires a very specific knowledge and skill set that few companies possess. Failure to implement a solution correctly can destroy its (and your) credibility with the customer so getting it right the first time is crucial.

Desktop Virtualization

As PC based desktop computing continues to prove unsustainable for a huge number of organisations across all sectors. More and more technology suppliers are being asked by their customers to come up with a more viable alternative that can help them meet the changing needs of an ever changing working environment whilst ensuring that the solution is both manageable and cost effective. Desktop virtualization (in all its forms) offers a compelling alternative to more traditional environments and is recognised as a rapidly accelerating trend worldwide.  Flexibility, mobility, security and improved manageability are all mandatory requirements for desktop environments going forward and virtualization offers the opportunity for these to become a reality and revolutionize the way business and institutions operate.

The shift of computing power away from the desktop into the data centre requires a solution based approach with a substantial hardware element.

Desktop Virtualization Benefits

As desktop virtualization is maturing, previous offerings had issues in providing consistent performance and delivering the same experience to everyone.  Now with Flash, Hybrid Flash and All Flash solutions the performance bottlenecks that companies experienced are long gone.  Today a desktop virtualization solution does make financial sense for many companies with 100+ desktops.

  1. All management of software and hardware upgrades is centralised.  Security and antivirus are easy to implement along with application updates and changes.
  2. IT has less issues to deal with as desktops are now disk-less and have a keyboard, monitor and mouse attached.
  3. Far easier to deploy across a myriad of devices including desktops, notebooks, tablets and phones.
  4. The expected life of a VDI solution can easily exceed 5 years so CAPEX is easier to control and administer.
  5. Less configuration and integration is required along with energy efficiency gains.

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