Data Backup

Protecting Data using Backup Recovery Solutions

Data Backup today isn't just about backing up a server, it's about protecting your enterprise data across the LAN and WAN and being able to restore that data to any point in time.  No longer are we protecting physical servers, the backup solution needs to be able to backup a multitude of operating systems, virtualisation software, applications and platforms to a variety of backup devices including disk, tape, cloud.

backup solutions

A data backup is not something that happens it needs monitoring to ensure the data you are protecting is secured 24x7 and you perform regular restores of data to the same and different storage platforms, so if a disaster strikes your data is available and ready for restore.

How can we help?

We provide a portfolio of backup solutions tailored to the exact customer requirement i.e. backup Apple machines.  These solutions are based on the following:

  • Backup Software - Data Protection for  all operating systems and software applications including e-mail, databases, un-structured data and web applications.  The backup software can also protect a multitude of storage systems from HP, DELL, IBM, NetApp etc using a plugin or native software support.  You may want your data replicated or backed up locally for fast restores or stored directly in the cloud.
  • Backup Appliances - A backup appliance is a pre-built, configured and tested solution that is certified by the hardware and software vendor to deliver a fast and convenient way to install a complete backup solution in days.
  • BaaS - We also provide Backup as a Service so that you no longer have to worry about the daily task of monitoring backups.  For a set monthly fee we provide a complete service that monitors your entire infrastructure estate and provide comprehensive reporting on all the systems we are protecting.
  • Backup solution diagnosis - You've invested a large sum of money in a data backup solution that isn't performing as expected.  Call us in to try and diagnose the fault that could be related to network performance, WAN links or just mis-configured software.

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