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Night Vision Camera

Night Vision Camera 50m 1080P

Night vision camera with 50m night vision and 1080P provides complete peace of mind when monitoring your home or office.  Connect via WiFi or wired RJ-45 Ethernet makes setting up and monitoring simple.  The high-quality 2MP lens provides 1080P resolution ensures night vision surveillance is fully illuminated with the built-in infra-red so you can clearly see everything that is happening day or night in complete darkness.

Night Vision CameraThe night vision camera detects motion and sends an alert to the phone app, email or NVR.  If you also install the micro-SD up to 128GB card it will automatically record to this and could provide 1 months of recording. The storage can also be set to loop so that it overwrites when full the oldest records first.  The monitoring can be scheduled throughout the week to ensure no false alarms occur.

Surveillance Camera Configuration

The camera can be added to your phone by simply downloading the EYE4 app from the Android or Apple store.  Register online, add the device and hold your phone over the camera, it takes just 33 seconds to pair with your WiFi network.  You should now see your night vision surveillance camera on your phone.

WiFi IP Camera Setup

The EYE4 app available on Apple or Android provides alerts to your mobile phone and allows you to completely monitor your home via WiFi or a mobile connection. One you have installed the EYE4 app it takes just 33 seconds for the camera to pair with your mobile device or tablet.

Configuring the device Please download the EYE4 app from the Android or Apple Store and register your details.
1. Once you have done the above, connect your mobile phone to your home internet.
2. Open the EYE4 app locate “Device Management”, press the “+” button to right corner add a device, select IP camera and carry out instructions.  The camera should now work via your mobile phone or tablet.
3. Under device management select your IP camera, press “Firmware” update the firmware if required.
4. If you want to know the IP address that the camera is using you will need to do the following:
4a. Go to the EYE4 app under “Device Management” select the IP camera at the top, under the name it will show you the MAC address, write this down.
4b. Login to your home router and under “DHCP” it will show a list of allocated addresses.   Look for the IP camera MAC address and this will show you the IP address the IP camera is using.
4c. Write down the IP address and then type this into a web browser you should be able to login to your IP camera and you can view/change the settings.
5. You can also install an app called TinyCam from Android or Apple store and from this you can also set up other features (this is not a free app or associated with the doorbell, but it does work).  The app enables you to set up a motion sensor mask and an alarm and can also record to your local device.

Monitoring and altering

Surveillance camera alertingYou can setup the night vision camera to alert you of motion detection based on the arming schedule you setup.  In addition, you can configure the motion sensitivity adjusting the sensor so that you do not receive false notifications.  The Eye4 software alerts you via push direct to your mobile phone or you can receive email alerts.  The software all you to play back the surveillance footage directly from the camera to your phone.  The Eye4 software can also run on a Windows computer Windows 7 or higher is supported.  The Windows software also allows you to setup fixed IP addresses for the cameras to use.

Night Vision Camera Technical Details

Model Night Vision Camera 50m
Features 1080P
System O.S Built in Linux
System Security Three level user authority management
Online visitor Support 4 online visitors simultaneously
DDNS No need domain name, support dynamic IP
Protocol ONVIF 2.4 protocol, high interoperability
Processor Hisilicon processor, built in ARM926 @Max. 440MHz and high-speed video co-processor
Reset Press 15s to reset back to factory default setting
Collection Image sensor 1080P progressive scan CMOS
Minimum illumination 0.8Lux/F1. 4(colourful model),0.3Lux/F1.4 (B&W mode)
Lens / View angle 12mm
Night vision Dual IR-CUT filter auto switch, 4pcs 850nm, 42mil LED 50m IR distance
IR control IR turned on: night vision view enabled, infrared ray, ICR auto detect.

IR turned off: night vision disabled, infra Red ray off, ICR stay in day view mode.

Video Compression forat H.264 Main profile/H.264 Baseline Profile/MJPEG/JPEG Baseline
Video coding Multi stream: 1080P@15fps, 720P@15fps, VGA@15fps
Resolution 1080P/720P/360P
Bit Rate CBR/VBR, output bit rate range: 128-4096kbps
Maximum frame rate 15fps
Image adjustment Brightnes, Contrast, Saturation, Chromaticity are adjustable
Network Port 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1000Mbps Adaptive – RJ45 port
WIFI 802.11 n/g/n
Memory Storage mode Local storage / Client storage / NVR
Card Support 128GB TF record
Port Internally mounted
Alarm Detection Motion detection
Action Large E-mail, FTP video upload, mobile phone client
Rated voltage DC12/3A+-0.3V
Working enviroment Working temperature: -20~70°C, working humidity : 100%
Physical Weight Gross weight: 1166g
Package size 245*200*120mm (LxWxH)
Installation Wall mounted, drop ceiling, freely mounted bracket
IP Rating IP66(waterproof soak)

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