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CCTV Camera Solutions IP Based

CCTV Cameras – Designed for Home or Office

CCTV cameras provide a level of performance, features, and management that up until now cost thousands of pounds to buy and manage.  What makes our CCTV camera systems different is in the management, they can be managed by mobile phone with support for both Android and Apple IOS.  The app allows you to monitor, record and configure your cameras from anywhere in the world.  Receive push alerts via your phone or view the recorded CCTV footage all from the comfort of the beach, desk or home.

CCTV Camera

CCTV IP cameras were once used mainly by businesses and government departments for monitoring buildings or roads.  In addition to the aforementioned, today the adoption of CCTV cameras for use in the home, vehicles or property has grown massively over the past 5 years with higher frame rates\resolution, functionality and above all affordability.  They have also become smaller, consume less power and provide far greater image clarity.

What key features do you need in a CCTV camera?

  1. I would firstly have to say Image Quality, how many times have you watched the TV and they have shown CCTV camera footage that is Grey and grainy of a thief or attacker and you struggle to pick out any identifying features.  Well our cameras are either 1080P or 720P with full colour and from 1MP – 3MP resolutions.
  2. My next issue is with Frame Rate drop, “now you see them now you don’t”.  This is due to poor frame rate recording and ideally, they should support at least 12 frames per second.  The cameras we provide are either 15 or 25 FPS.
  3. CCTV Night vision – Like image quality, a CCTV camera with good night vision needs to be able to penetrate the darkness and this is achieved using infra-red sensors.  You might have noticed a Red light emitting from some CCTV cameras and these provide visibility for the camera at night.  The issue is that they only illuminate a short distance i.e. 5 metres, more expensive infra-red emitters can illuminate 100’s of metres in the night.  Ours start at 15 metres and go to 50 metres dependant on model.
  4. Having Motion Detection was never really a feature of CCTV cameras, this was done primarily by the Network Video Recorder to detect and record the incident.  Should something occur you would be alerted on the screen, an incident marker would be put on the recording for you to view later. The IP CCTV cameras we provide all have motion detection and allow you to record the incident and then send you an alert.
  5. Having a CCTV camera solution is great but where is the recorded footage kept?  If you have a high resolution/frame rate CCTV camera then your CCTV storage demands are going to be large.  Many older style cameras relied on external storage to record and play back the footage, they also had less effective compression algorithms to store the data.  With advances in technology our CCTV cameras allow you to record to Micro-SD cards which are housed inside the camera and allow you to store up to 128GB of video before it is overwritten.  This provides enough recording for 15+ days depending on activity.  With the network video records, we provide they can also store footage to hard disk, external storage or the cloud.  In addition to this you can also record to your mobile device.
  6. As many of the CCTV cameras are used outside for monitoring.  The extremes of weather in this country effect the performance and reliability of the cameras.  In the UK we get a lot of rain and a CCTV camera needs to be 100% Weatherproof against the elements.  It also has to mount on a wall or building and it doesn’t weigh much.  All the cameras we provide are weatherproof and are able to cope with our weather.
  7. A failing of many CCTV camera solutions is you only know about an event after it’s happened unless you pay for expensive 7×24 CCTV monitoring.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could catch the incident in real-time and alert the authorities.  Our cameras alert you via your mobile phone using push alerts and email allowing you to catch the criminals in the act.
  8. Many older generation CCTV cameras did not have any camera Management as they were just cameras and as such had no functionality, this was done by the NVR.  With advancements in technology the modern cameras allow you to zoom in/out, have night vision, motion detection, alerting and superior optics.  The CCTV cameras we provide have these features and many more including Dynamic DNS, ONVIF 2.4, RTSP, uPnP, time, schedule and web browser support.

CCTV Camera installation

Traditional CCTV camera installations involve trailing wires around your home or office which are then connected to the back of your Network Video Recorder.  Sometimes these cables are many metres in length.  What makes our cameras different is that they work over IP.  There are a number of ways to connect them up depending on time and effort.

  1. Connect the cameras using RJ-45 cable and connect them to your home/office router or network switch and plug in the 12v mains adapter.
  2. Connect the camera using a Powerline adapter and plug in the 12v mains adapter.  This essentially allows you to run Ethernet through your mains cable.  The CCTV cameras are not PoE.
  3. The simplest way is to plug in the 12v mains adapter and connect using WiFi.

IP CCTV Camera Compatibility

The CCTV cameras are all ONVIF 2.4 compliant. This means that even if you have an existing CCTV system and you are replacing the cameras, these cameras will integrate and work with no problem.  The cameras operate wirelessly using WiFi or you can connect them up using an RJ-45 cable.  The cameras all run from a supplied 12v adapter, you could even power them off a car battery for truly remote monitoring!

Once you have installed the app on your device all it takes to setup the camera is 33 seconds!

Providing you use a Micro-SD card class 10 from a reputable manufacturer SanDisk, Samsung, PNY.. then your recordings should be fine.  If you are using the cameras with a Network Video Recorder you do not need to purchase the Micro-SD cards as the recording is separate to the camera.

Camera App

The camera app provides complete control for up to 8 IP cameras.  Once the cameras are configured on your network you can then setup fixed IP addresses using your home router to find the DHCP IP address and MAC address.  Login using and you can then setup a fixed IP address.

Network Video Recorders

In addition to the IP cameras, we can also provide a range of network video recorders (NVR) that can support 4/8/16 IP cameras, again all controlled through your mobile phone or NAS storage if your cameras can write directly to the storage. The NVR systems can also support a 4TB disk drive ensuring you can record for weeks before any video footage is overwritten.

Model Overview

All cameras support Micro-SD card storage, wired or wireless connectivity, ONVIF compliant,  and all work with the Android or Apple IOS App.

C7816 C34S C51S C50S
1.0MP / 720P / 15M Night Vision

PAN/TILT / 4x Optical Zoom

2MP / 1080P / 30M Night Vision

2.0MP / 1080P / 20M Night Vision 2.0MP / 1080P / 50M Night Vision

Other Types of CCTV Systems we provide

In addition to these models, we can also provide indoor cameras for home/office CCTV security.  Some indoor cameras also have an infra-red port allowing you to turn on Lights/TV/Audio systems remotely.  We also provide wearable CCTV cameras that are used by Police/Traffic Wardens/Security available upon request.  From a CCTV storage perspective, we provide NVR systems that can record/playback 100’s of cameras recordings.

CCTV Camera help and advice

If you are considering a suitable CCTV camera monitoring solution for your home or office please call us on 0207 193 5760 or email: enquire now.