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The CCTV Surveillance market over the past 15 years has evolved to become the first choice for individuals and companies who require CCTV for monitoring their premises.  The UK IP CCTV surveillance market has more CCTV cameras per head of population than any other nation on earth. Whilst the early days of surveillance was based on modified webcams the highly sophisticated IP cameras we have today provide multi-mega pixel recordings with day/night modes including motion detection and can even detect men and women entering a store or club to record footfall. Some IP camera models can also provide an audible alert and you can interact with people via the camera.

Due to the high-resolution nature of IP cameras, the storage and bandwidth requirements required has grown massively with many systems now storing 10's of terabytes of recorded CCTV  footage per month. We have been providing IP Surveillance solutions for the past 14 years primarily in the high capacity and low latency are key in maintaining a steady data stream.  We also supply of NVR (Network Video Recorders) and IP cameras.

What does CCTV Surveillance provide?CCTV Surveillance IP Camera

A CCTV surveillance solution can only act as a deterrent to those who want to commit a crime.  It does not mean even though you have video evidence that it will result in a successful criminal prosecution.

You can use CCTV to bar individuals from i.e. entering a football ground or pub.  In addition to this CCTV is being used in more covert operations whereby law enforcement agencies need to carry out pro-longed monitoring of individuals or premises and then stream this information to an NVR or back wirelessly or over the LAN or WAN.

IP CCTV Surveillance uses

The use of CCTV today is not entirely used for protecting premises or people many other uses have also emerged.

  • Measuring footfall in a store
  • Determine the way shoppers in a supermarket navigate around a store to determine the best use of promotional floor space
  • Tills to monitor fraudulent activities
  • Monitoring weather and road conditions
  • Promotion of attractions
  • Monitoring equipment

More covert uses of CCTV surveillance

  • Determining how a person walks
  • Face recognition
  • Gambling establishments
  • Number plate recognition
  • Picking out individuals in crowds of people
  • Protecting people or premises
  • Border controls

IP Camera features

Many of the features found on IP cameras today would have cost thousands even 5 years ago.  As the market has matured the technology involved has come down massively in price whilst at the same time the camera resolutions have gone up.

  • Mega pixel cameras
  • Multiple CCTV cameras housed within a single camera enclosure
  • Day / Night vision Colour / Black White
  • Triggered alerts
  • PAN / Tilt / Zoom
  • POE - Power over Ethernet
  • Wireless IP Cameras
  • Multi-frame rate and resolution recording
  • Easy of use and remote monitoring abilities
  • Movement detection

Analogue vs Digital

Whilst analogue CCTV cameras were the dominant recording method for many years the cumbersome nature of the technology has now been surpassed by Digital IP cameras.  The major downsides of analogue video recordings are:

  • Cumbersome cabling
  • Poor video quality
  • Lower frame rates
  • Lack of remote monitoring
  • Difficult to backup and make additional copies
  • Higher cost for installation and upfront purchase price
  • Manual search to find the incident
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Inability to record wirelessly

Using CCTV on your property

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