CCTV Storage

CCTV Camera Storage - Storing IP Data

We provide CCTV storage to store and protect recorded footage that needs to be kept or archived.

Our CCTV storage solutions use disk drives to provide instantaneous access to stored footage in an instant, this replaces the previous method of storing CCTV footage using tape which was time-consuming and sometimes caused headaches when the tape jammed or snapped.

We provide a wide variety of storage solutions from small two drives systems through to multiple Terabyte storage systems which are ideal if you need to store information for many days, months or years.CCTV Storage Solutions

CCTV is being deployed in a variety of applications and business requirements and the demand for high performing and reliable CCTV storage is climbing. With the advent of multi-camera IP HD video surveillance systems becoming available the amount of data these megapixel cameras generate daily is increasingly becoming a concern for many companies using and installing CCTV and the types of storage available.

Our storage vendors are able to provide a range of network attached storage solutions and iSCSI from a single drive through to an enterprise class storage system with no single points of failure. A variety of solutions are available with features and functionality to suit the budgetary requirements that customers dictate, some of the storage systems also feature ways to save energy and cooling.

Things to consider when deploying CCTV Storage

  1. Do you need to use SAS or SATA drives, if you are using more than 16 drives in a single storage system you should ideally choose SAS as this is better at handling the I/O commands from the bus.
  2. What type of storage do you need Network Attached Storage (NAS), iSCSI, Object Storage, Fibre Channel, SAS or Unified?
  3. How much data do you need to store online for immediate access and could you archive some of the data to near-line?
  4. Does the storage need to scale to accept more storage at a later date?
  5. How long do we need to store the video surveillance footage?
  6. Are you interested in looking for a Cloud Backup Service if so please click here.

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