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Quantum Enterprise Storage Solutions

Quantum Enterprise Software and Hardware Storage Solutions

Quantum is a leading expert in scale-out storage, archive and data protection, providing intelligent solutions for capturing, sharing and preserving digital assets over the entire data life-cycle. We help customers maximise the value of these assets to achieve their goals, whether it’s top movie studios looking to create the next blockbuster, researchers working to accelerate scientific discovery, or small businesses trying to streamline their operations. With a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class disk, tape and software solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments, we enable customers to address their most demanding workflow challenges and opportunities.


Quantum StorNext 5 Data Management

Powering Workflows.

At the core of all Quantum scale-out storage is StorNext® 5 data management—the industry’s fastest streaming file system and policy-based tiering software, designed from the ground up for large sets of large files. StorNext 5 data management has the proven reliability and performance required for complex information workflows.

Data Archive Storage

Extend the Life of Your Data.

Archive means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. At Quantum, archive is more than long-term data retention; it’s about business enablement and extending the life of your data to move your business forward, and of course delivering the most cost-effective solution specific to your long-term data and content retention needs.

Data Protection

Encompasses all of Quantum’s storage hardware including Quantum DXi data duplication appliance, Scalar LTO tape libraries, LTO drives and media as well as Q-Cloud protect.

QXS Hybrid Storage

Intelligent. Automated. Optimised.

Designed for high performance, efficiency, reliability, and scalability Quantum QXS hybrid storage portfolio optimises flash and disk to significantly lower operating and capital costs. Powerful features include real-time, automated and intelligent tiering, plus 1-button configuration to meet the demands of specific applications and workflows.

What is QXS Hybrid Storage?

QXS hybrid storage is a family of primary storage systems that make it easy to select the perfect system for your environment and budget. QXS hybrid systems are customisable and scalable by alternating key elements. While all QXS hybrid systems are available with intelligent tiering, the QXS-3 Series features a balanced mix of reliability and availability; the QXS-4 Series delivers the optimal mix of performance, cost and storage density while the QXS-6 meets the IOPS requirements of the most demanding workflows.

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