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Data Management

Data Management Software

Data Management Software needs to be able to identify files by type, size, modified and created dates, how many files exist and where they exist. The business then needs to decide whether or not they are required. Once we have identified these files we need to decide where to put them.

The data solutions we supply can easily identify and migrate files based upon the setting up of simple rules. This active data can be moved to different storage tiers including tape, optical and to either new primary or secondary RAID storage. The files can be moved, stubbed, deleted, copied, migrated or backed up.

Significant financial and time savings can be achieved by deploying a tiered data management software solution. These data management solutions can also migrate data from Windows, Linux has, Novell, NetApp, EMC, Hitachi and others.

We distribute management software from PoINT for more information please click on the links.

Data Management Unstructured Data

PoINT Software

PoINT Storage Manager

PoINT Software

PoINT Storage Manager is a universal storage management software for storage virtualization, migration, HSM, network-wide back up of data and long-term archival, supporting a mixture of diverse mass storage technologies (hard disk, tape and optical storage). PoINT Storage Manager is a technology-independent storage solution and even existing hardware can be used (Storage Consolidation). Click here for more information

PoINT Archiver

PoINT Archiver provides network-wide, automated file based archiving. Files are archived, migrated or deleted according to policies, which can be configured by the user. In addition, the storage media to be used (tape or optical media) can be specified. Click here for more information

PoINT Jukebox Manager

PoINT Jukebox Manager is a software solution to securely store data on optical media, including automated media quality check, using jukeboxes or single drives. High data availability is provided by media copies, media mirroring and server clustering. Click here for more information

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

If you are looking to consolidate storage and use the cloud for archiving please read our article.

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