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Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Solutions – Fast Track Your IT Infrastructure

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX is a complete family of pre-defined, pre-integrated and pre tested combinations of components needed for a data centre infrastructure.

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEXWith a Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX ready-to-run solution you can reduce the total time of configuration, complexity total cost and even the risk when building a data centre infrastructure. The whole Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX family is made up of factory tested and configured solutions.

You will need much less time for planning, near to no trial and error testing and you also get a faster time to production.

Building data center infrastructures is increasingly complex, error-prone and time-consuming. The traditional approach of putting together best-in-class components is a complicated and cumbersome process; it requires a deep knowledge of all components involved and an understanding of their various dependencies on each other. Consequently, such a do-it-yourself approach would always present businesses with multiple risks.

There is a better and more cost-effective solution: Integrated Systems. Fujitsu offers one of the biggest families of solutions under the umbrella of FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX.

  • is a comprehensive and still-growing line-up of powerful systems that are pre-defined, pre-integrated and pre-tested. These dramatically simplify complexity, coming as an all-in-one package which combines servers, storage, network connectivity and software.
  • solutions are delivered either factory-installed and are therefore ready-to-run, or as customizable reference architectures, which can be easily adjusted to customer-specific requirements.

Additional peace of mind comes from Fujitsu’s deployment and integration services, which ensure a smooth integration into any on-site environment. For simplified operation and maintenance of PRIMEFLEX solutions, Fujitsu provides support at solution level, plus further turnkey data center services including managed services and hosting.

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Family

The comprehensive Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX portfolio is concentrated on enabling IT organizations to be more responsive and agile in meeting the needs of their end-users, through adding new levels of simplicity in the data center around technologies including server and desktop virtualization, High Availability, Private Cloud, Big Data and High Performance Computing. Furthermore, PRIMEFLEX is ideally suited for running solutions that address SAP and Microsoft environments.

Sometimes its not always best to do it yourself. Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX portfolio gives solutions for SAP HANA, VMware VSAN, VMware vCloud, VMware EVO:RAIL, MS Exchange/SharePoint and VMware VDI so there answer for all your server virtualization, private cloud, desktop virtualization, Microsoft, SAP and disaster recovery requirements.

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