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Fujitsu DX100 S3

Fujitsu DX100 S3 Scalable & Unified

The scalable, unified Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 system delivers leading storage performance and automated quality of service management enabling a maximum of system utilization and contributing to a fast ROI. It is the perfect solution when consolidating data in large-scale databases, business-critical applications and business analytics / big data – all into one system. It provides ample headroom for demanding server/desktop virtualization environments and enterprise file services. Extensive high-availability and disaster recovery capabilities make Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 an ideal storage system for business-critical data.

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 Features

  • Scales to support 144 drives and 2,212TB’s of storage space
  • Unified storage architecture supporting both block and file based storage
  • Provides thin provisioning, snapshot, replication, clone, QoS
  • A variety of host connectivity options:
    • Fibre Channel (16 Gbit/s, 8 Gbit/s, 4 Gbit/s)
    • FCoE (10 Gbit/s)
    • iSCSI (10 Gbit/s, 1 Gbit/s)
    • Ethernet (10 Gbit/s, 1 Gbit/s)
  • Highly scalable and flexible design
  • Storage cluster – option
  • Simple and easy to use management interface across all ETERNUS DX platforms
  • Supports SSD’s, SAS and nearline SAS drives
  • Multi-vendor software support

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 datasheet

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100S3 overview

The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 is the largest and most powerful of all the S3 range supporting up to 10 2u drive enclosures with either 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives.  The mid-range Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 is designed to provide maximum IOP’s, low latency, enhanced data protection and reliability.  High processor performance, large system caches, fast disk interfaces and networking connectivity
are just some of the highlights within the Fujitsu DX100 S3 ETERNUS family hardware.

By supporting AST (automated storage tiering) the Fujitsu DX100 S3 allows you to move data automatically from the performance tier (SSD), through SAS to nearline high-capacity SAS drives.  All this is done by setting up some basic parameters and the system manges the rest transparently.

Host connectivity is handled by a variety of configurations:

  • 4-8 ports [iSCSI
  • FCoE, Ethernet(10Gbit/s]
  • 4-16 ports [FC]
  • 8-16 ports [Ethernet(1Gbit/s)

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 specification

Table Caption
Supported RAID Levels 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 5+0, 6
Host Interfaces [Max. transfer speed] Fibre Channel (up to 16 Gbit/s), FCoE (10 Gbit/s), iSCSI (10 / 1 Gbit/s), SAS (6 / 3 Gbit/s), CIFS, NFS
Number of controllers 2
Number of host interfaces 2/4/8 ports
Number of hosts Max. 1024
Cache memory capacity 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB
Number of drive enclosures Max. 44 (3.5″, 2.5″)
Max. 16 (HD)
Number of drives Max. 144 x SSD, SAS and Nearline SAS in mixed configuration (3.5″ / 2.5″)
Storage capacity Max. 2,212 TB
Drive interface Serial Attached SCSI (12 Gbit/s)
Back-End Disk Connectivity 1 pair of four-lane x 12 Gbit/s Serial
Attached SCSI buses (SAS 3.0 wide)
Redundancies RAID Controller, Fan, Power Supply
Number of LUN Max.4,096
LUN capacity Max. 128 TB
Number of Snapshots 1,024
Number of copy generations 512
Thin provisioning & AST Yes
Remote Replication Yes
Storage Cluster Option
Storage Management ETERNUS SF software suite; optional: ETERNUS Snapshot Manager

The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 is also fully supported by VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix so you can rest assured your virtualisation platform is covered.

All UK support is handled by Fujitsu themselves and can cover the whole of the UK with support contracts to suit all requirements.

For more information on the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S3 please call us on 01256 331614 or click here.