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ETERNUS CS8000 Unified Data Protection Appliance

The newly announced Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 backup and archive appliance is 10x faster than Data Domain!

Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 is a unified data protection appliance for the complete consolidation of backup and archiving infrastructures of open systems and mainframes. Thanks to uniform management of disks, deduplicated disks and tapes flexible service levels regarding capacity, speed and cost can be provided. A modular grid architecture delivers extreme scalability of capacity and performance. Integrated data mirroring and replication features enable comprehensive disaster recovery concepts. Flexible SAN and Ethernet connectivity as well as VTL, NAS and WORM support allow you to use one system for backup and archiving. And support for the cloud gateway functionality makes ETERNUS CS8000 an ideal and future-proof solution for a unified and optimized data protection infrastructure.


Data availability

Highly available appliance:
To ensure the availability of the consolidated storage pool of ETERNUS CS8000, all components are redundant. The architectures of traditional deduplication appliances have single points of failure. The ETERNUS CS8000 architecture is different – there is no such limitation, and even the deduplication storage repository is completely redundant.

Disaster resiliency:
Not only are components redundant: With backup-to-disk-to-tape, ETERNUS CS8000 can keep multiple copies of the data by writing data to local and remote tape libraries, and by asynchronous replication within a range of thousands of kilometres. This provides an easy way to introduce disaster resiliency with a remote copy.

Automated continuation:
The core element of the most disaster resilient architecture is one logical ETERNUS CS8000 system which is deployed over two geographically separated sites, the so called “split-site” configuration with “cache mirror.” The internal ETERNUS CS8000 infrastructure is thereby extended to a second site. The backup software still sees one logical set-up, without even being aware of the geographical location. Data can be written to or read from both sites. The result is a system with no single point of failure, which continues to run even after a complete site failure.

The ETERNUS CS8000 is the only system worldwide that can do this!


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