Data Storage

We provide Data Storage & IT solutions to businesses that require any type of IT storage equipment from Object Storage through to an All Flash Array. Data Storage is again transitioning from the SAN to HCI. The next generation of IT storage will be delivering performance that no current networks can handle including 32Gb/s FC! Products like software defined and object storage are leading the way.

Data Solutions

Data Storage Solutions

What we do? Working with some of the world's leading software and manufacturers we provide complete IT data solutions to solve issues relating to performance, scalability, reliability, management, backup and archiving.

Managing the data explosion

The digital transformation is taking place everywhere from smart fridges to car telematics.  Data today is being generated faster than ever before, whether it’s a corporate mail system or social media site, the data resides on a physical data storage platform somewhere.  We provide solutions from managing data on servers, desktop/notebooks, SAN/NAS storage, the cloud and systems that use a hyper-visor.

Data storage problems

Today many types of storage systems protect data, including a NAS, SAN, Tape or the cloud.  All provide an area for you to run applications and help keep and secure the data for access.  Storing data is easy, it is cheap and capacities are growing with 16TB Seagate drives now available!  With this abundance of data capacity why not move everything across to the new storage platform and store it forever?  Data is constantly being created, businesses acquire competitors, integrate them along with all their messaging, files and information, staff come and go, applications are phased in and out, so the cycle continues.  The problem is actually managing the data for compliance, legislation, GDPR and so on.  No longer is it a viable option to store everything forever as your business could be fined for storing personal information on staff or customers.  We provide a range of data management solutions to protect businesses from exactly this problem and many others.

Data Storage Solutions

Data Security

We provide a range of data security and backup solutions to help protect data residing on notebooks/desktops/servers and removable media to prevent data theft, disaster or virus infection.

Data protection can take many forms including encryption, replication, duplication, backup, archiving and storage system resilience. 

We are here to help

Talk to Fortuna Data today about your need for a Data Storage solution from a NAS, SAN, Object Storage, Flash Storage or Hyper-converged infrastructure.

The worldwide demand for data storage over the next 5 years will increase on average 700%, let us help you make an informed choice on your next solution.

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