JBOD Storage

Complete range of JBOD storage systems

A JBOD storage system comprises of a disk enclosure typically with a 6Gb/s or 12Gb/s SAS interface to which you connect to a RAID controller or SAS controller.  There are an increasing number of operating systems which require JBOD storage rather than the traditional RAID storage and typically these operating systems create a software RAID across the drives either SSD or HDD. Some model storage systems also have multiple SAS ports for expansion so that you can daisy chain them together and protect the data with redundant paths, alternatively you can connect them up to multiple hosts.

JBOD storageA JBOD (just bunch of disks) offers no data protection against drive failure, this is achieved by using a RAID controller or disk redundancy is configured using 3rd party software.

Applications that require JBOD storage are Nutanix, Nexenta, Caringo, Scality, DataCore, Open-e etc.  These use software to create data protection on the storage and as well as protecting data across multiple JBOD chassis by writing the data multiple times.

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