Exablox Scale Out NAS


Exablox – Scale-out NAS is completely scalable and feature rich

The Scale-out NAS from exablox is a scalable and feature rich network attached storage, offering the lowest TCO of any enterprise grade NAS. Designed from the ground up, it is aimed specifically at the ever-increasing  data storage needs of all SME’s, without all the heavy storage management activities.

exablox scale out nas

OneBlox is a multi functional appliance, with enterprise feature sets built in. Continuous snapshots protect your data, inline deduplication allows for faster transfer of data if needed encryption and real-time replication means you have true disaster recovery. It consolidates primary storage as well as satisfies backup and archive storage requirements.

Key Features

  • Scale effortlessly – Scaling the capacity can be as easy as putting a single extra disk into the appliance. if you need to allow for larger growth or increased performance, another appliance can be added to the cluster, simply by adding in onto the same LAN and powering it on. There isn’t a need for complex capacity strategy or over-provisioning.
  • Zero configuration – The OneBlox series can be installed and available to use in less than 5 minutes, with absolutely NO configuration needed. insert at least 3 drives into the appliance, plug in an Ethernet cable and power it on, its as easy as that! If you need to add more capacity simply insert more drives and the extra capacity is added to the existing. If you ever need to add more availability or performance you can do this with n interruption to applications or users by adding additional nodes, which are automatically added and configured giving you zero disruptiveness to the business continuity.
  • Cloud based management  – OneSystem from exablox is a management platform that is completely secure and allows you to manage the storage infrastructure from anywhere and on any browser, as long as you have internet access. It monitors, reports and manages pro-actively giving you complete stability. It also gets rid of the need for dedicated servers and long winded software upgrades/licenses so you simply login and get the information you need on demand. If you have responsibility for more than one location then the admin capability of OneSystem allows you to manage the whole infrastructure safely and at ease. Although it is cloud based management, all the information on the Oneblox is stored on your premise, along with your data.
  • Data Protection – The continuous data protection feature gives full protection over the information/data stored continuously. It manages this by taking continuous and unlimited snapshots of all the information that is written onto the Oneblox. This means that every single file can be recovered easily in the event of data corruption, deletion or other mistakes/errors. You can recover your own information by simply using Mac Finder (MAC OS) or Windows Explorer (Microsoft OS). There is no need to restore information from the previous end of day backup just recover from your browser.

Technical details


 Both the Oneblox 4312 and the 3308 are both available in the UK.

 See more on the data sheet: 4312_OneBlox_OneSystem_Datasheet

Read more on the technical overview: OneBlox_OneSystem_Technical_Overview

Exablox website can be seen HERE

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