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    Backup and Restore Solutions
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    Simplifying Storage Deployment
  • Welcome to All-Flash Storage
    Welcome to All-Flash Storage
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    Accelerate & Protect Data
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    Hyper-converged Solutions

Data Storage & IT Solutions for Business

At Fortuna Data we provide data storage & IT solutions for business, education, NHS, local government, fire, ambulance and police. We started out in 1994 providing data storage solutions and since partnering with Fujitsu in 2013 we can now offer a wide portfolio of IT solutions.


We provide solutions designed for Virtualisation, Cloud, Post Production, HPC, CCTV, Construction, Oil & Gas, Scientific, Manufacturing and numerous industries where the IT system needs to perform. Our insatiable appetite for creating large amounts of data continues with new applications coming out daily generating new information. Trying to manage this data growth is a huge headache for IT staff and organisations already under constant pressure to cut costs. The new and inventive data storage systems that are designed to cater for this data growth are taking slightly different approaches. Some increase capacity, others free up space, some speed things up, some use compression algorithms to condense data. We understand what these storage technologies can and cannot provide and regularly speak with companies and people about the merits that they provide.

Datacentre Storage

Data needs to be available 7×24 that is why we provided some of the fastest IT solutions available.

IT Data Storage Solutions

  • Data Storage & IT Solutions
  • Hyper-Converged Solutions – tested, installed and delivered within a month
  • Software Defined Storage – Increased IOPS / Continuous Availability / Up to 64 nodes
  • All-Flash Storage – Massive IOPS / Highly Available / Clustered / Easy to use
  • Hybrid-Flash Storage – Performance and capacity with increased IOPS / Highly Available, Easy to use
  • SAN Storage – Disk based using SAS/NL-SAS drives to deliver complete data protection that can scale to over 30PB’s.
  • NAS Storage – Network Attached Storage from a simple 2-bay through to a fully clustered NAS with high availability and replication

Backup / Restore / Replication / Archive

We protect information in a variety of ways including:

  • Disk to Disk to Tape
  • LTO-7 tape drives, libraries and autoloaders including LTFS
  • Blu-ray for long term archive 50+ years
  • Backup & Restore Software to protect physical and virtual environments, including backup appliances.

IT Solutions

We are often asked what else can we provide?

  • Desktop Virtualization – Provides a financially viable alternative to traditional desktop PC’s, with added security and simplified management.
  • Servers – Rackmount / Tower / Blade / Scale-out
  • Workstations – Desktop / Mobile / Rackmount
  • PC’s / Notebooks / Tablets
  • Networking infrastructures including SDN (Software Defined Networks), Fibre Channel, iSCSI and Ethernet
  • Data management tools to investigate issues on the network or storage related issues
  • Migration tools to move from VMware to Hyper-V and vice versa
  • Exchange to Office 365 migrations
  • Security assessments to test your infrastructure against attack
  • Bespoke system design e.g. mobile classroom

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